RoHun Spiritual Therapies


Bringing Together RoHun Therapy and Spirituality

 As a RoHun Therapist and spiritual teacher, I have explored deeply the relationship between RoHun therapy and spiritual growth, because they refer us to our innate capacity for wholeness. I found that they are connected by a middle stage of authenticity that brings our unique, compassionate self into true relationship with other people and the world.

Allow me to help you create healthier, more satisfying relationships; grow in self-understanding and acceptance, and develop a rich, sustaining inner and outer life. With a little willingness, you can release doubts, fears, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame and depression; work through restrictions that block the true expression of self; and heal the core wounds that gave rise to painful patterns, beliefs, compulsions and phobias.

Together, within a safe and comfortable setting, we can gently begin the journey of healing, creating access to the inner wisdom and clarity waiting deep within. Yes, you can develop inner stability, peace of mind and experience fulfillment and joy, even during these precarious times.

RoHun Purifcation

Purification is a 3 session, 2 ½ hours each, where you begin to go deep into the subconscious, with the assistance of spiritual energy work, revealing those faulty thoughts that you have been operating out of since planting the seed thought. Gaining the awareness that you have this thought charged emotionally within you, you then become empowered to forgive and let go, clearing the faulty thought pattern, thereby setting you free. Free to experience life from a higher sense of love for self, inner peace and harmony and all of those blocks released; now open the doors for your spiritual purpose to move forward. $750 

RoHun Purification Skim

 Following a Purification Process, a skim clear remaining faulty thoughts and negative emotions, as you prepare to release any remnants of victim energy. This is a two ½ hour session which continues the clearing and releasing started with the purification process. $250 

RoHun Caged

 The caged Process accesses deep core issues around abuse of power so that you may finally heal the fears preventing you from success. The caged process will take you to new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance and you will emerge as a more loving and powerful being.4 sessions, 2 to 2-1/2 hours each. $800 

(this should be scheduled a within a few months of purification)

Seven Visions Transformation

 The Seven Selves are the archetypal energies residing in our seven major chakras. When we are born we enter into the world of form with deficient human potentials. The goal of the Seven Selves is to guide us in obtaining a collective expression of wholeness. This is the end point of individuation. The Seven Selves in Transformation refine the seven channels of light essential to spiritualizing matter. In this process you are provided with a rare opportunity to recognize, discover, understand, and enlighten your thoughts and feelings on every dimension of your being. You will learn how to assist yourself and others to know and access the power of the heart, and to systematically create a dynamic synergistic team within to heal yourself and to fulfill your purpose. A minium of 3 sessions in this process. $750 

The Divine Mother Process

This process is designed to assist individuals with using the power of their will and their voice (the word) to heal mother-induced spiritual fragmentation, psychological imbalance, and emotional entanglement. Activating the Divine Mother aspects within ourselves gives us access to guidance and the energy needed to complete our creations and give birth to anything we embrace with our hearts. This process is a one session.  

Spiritual Therapies



 When the spirit of man became individualized, the soul and the ego were born, each with a different idea and focus. In the Origins Process one is taken back to the time of individualization, back into the Source, to heal the break with the Divine and the illusion of separation. The Origins Master RoHun™ Process integrates the soul and ego and brings them back together into unity and awareness. This process is two 2 hour sessions. 

Divine Male and Female Process

 In this Process is about healing the layers of internal war between the sexes, the battle of the heart and the mind. The feeling body, the heart is female, and the thinking body, the male is mind. These two are not in harmony, and this conflict is continuously played out in male female relationships. The male/female Process works deeply with the kundalini to heal the drama and feeling of war between the male/female, which can only be healed from within. The therapy integrates the heart and the mind so that conflicts are healed, thought and feeling work together in harmony, and healthier relationships are attracted into one's life. In this process there are a minium of 3 sessions. $750 

Constructs Vaults and Tanks

 This final process gets to the root of all the deepest things that keep us from knowing more love in our lives, from being happy, successful and feeling connected within ourselves, not needing another to feel fulfilled. Mental constructs-where the child fled, created out of pain which is not of divine thinking, Heart vaults-where the child fled, created out of fear of nothingness, abandonment, failure, and death, Abdominal tanks-where the child fled, created out of deception, abuse, hatred, bitterness and death wishes. In the release of the illusions you are free to create a life Powered by your Divine Mind and Heart... This process requires that you have finished all other RoHun processes. It takes 3 full days. $950 

Yhandi Inner Child Therapy

 Yhandi is a gentle loving approach to healing the Inner Child. People may ask what is the Inner Child? The Inner child is in all of us, we all were children once and this child remains within.

 As a child, you may have experienced trauma and emotional pain and may not have and a pleasant childhood. Some of these experiences as a child may have been, divorce of parents, death of a parent or family member, alcoholic parents, abuse, etc.

As the child matures to an adult he or she will carry the pain and trauma that they have lived thrugh. The inner child who is still holding onto this pain and trauma needs to be healed so they can be free.

Not fully dealing with our childhood issues can result in emotional blocks, giving us feelings of unworthiness, low self esteem, abandonment and always seeking approval or the love that they never had.

Love is the key in Yhandi. Yhandi means Inner Light. Without love we have no inner light. After the Yhandi process, you feel connected to your inner child in a very loving wya. The Inner Child is able to be free of the traumas of the past.

A technique that helps you to discover the emotional trappings around your inner child, blocking your adult self love. This powerful session takes 3 days. Contact me for further information regarding scheduling for Yhandi


 A intensive training on creating clear pathways to the sanctuary within. Who would benefit from this training? Well let me ask you, do you find yourself being of serve to others and feel depleted in the process? Do you deal with diverse personalities through your work day or home life, making everything that much more of a challenge?
Is your energy level low, depression high? Have you struggled with relationships never really knowing why it all falls apart? Do you  lack direction and purpose? Do you struggle with clarity in what is right for you? If you said yes to any of these, this workshop can absolutely change your life. Strengthening your purpose and direction, Heighten your awareness, restore vital
energy, see the big picture, feel abundance in your life, and know a greater peace of mind. Call for upcoming date. $350 for the course. 



IST takes me to the most sacred place, my inner temple to connect with my True Self for healing, guidance and new ideas. It has strengthened my ability to direct my mind and manifest what I choose to create in life. It opens me up in the most unimaginable ways. I am often in joyful tears when the sacred grace touches me with spontaneous deep insight. I journal my IST experiences, and am always amazed by the clear guidance I have received all along. It's like having my Future Self showing me the path, which I may not fully understand at the moment but after a while I realized that my True Self knows everything about me. I have learned to trust my inner guidance and have fun with my journey.

Infinite light, love and blessings,
Dena B. Wvong

IST is a powerful life tool that rebirths your passion and purpose, heals your wounds, renews your spirit and allows you to manifest what you desire in your life while leaving all else behind. You learn how to tap into and utilize your inner guidance and spiritual support. I would never imagine that in so a short time such profound discovery and change could occur for and within me.  The tools I have received from this program have been the greatest gifts of my life.  Thank you!  Molly R.