Healers Guild


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Within your Chakras dwell the answers to the souls purpose & lessons in this lifetime. Retrieving this information shows you your abilities, strengths & significant past lifetimes that pertain to your present lifetime, as well as blocks preventing expression of your higher self and your future direction. Using a spiritual bridge, a connection to this information can uncover a great deal of enlightening wisdom you can gain in knowing for your life right now. A session takes 1 hour. $150 (Reading available in person, by phone or by email.) 


Distant Healing


Imagine someone cheering for you and sending you positive vibes to help move you through the hurtles of life? Someone dedicated for your highest and best good. Give yourself the gift of having distant healing sent to you monthly with the soul purpose of supporting you for the very highest and best good. Now you can give yourself that boost you didn’t know you always wanted.

I will work with you in the higher realms to help release your limitations, work through your struggles and find a greater peace and calm. Recurring monthly subscription of $30




Feeling stuck? Sometimes we need guidance & when you are in the problem it’s hard to see the problem clearly.  A phone consultation is designed to look at the possibilities for your life, and to remove any of the self-judgment, abuse or limitations that are coming up. 

I love this type of facilitation because it is a place where we can look at your life in a really present way and to create specific clearings and processes that will create the greatest result in your life. 

What are you capable of receiving that you have never received before?

Ready to choose something greater? Is now the time?

1 hour session with Audrey via phone, zoom or facetime will quickly reveal where you are stuck and get you choosing to move past any limitation. $150 a session

Support is just a phone call away

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Did you know you are an EMPATH?

So many of us walk around like radios tuning into the frequency of others and have no idea that we pick up information and energy that sticks to us like static cling, unfortunately we collect thoughts & feelings that clog up our greatness. In this 90 minute Zoom class we will explore when you know you are carrying someone else’s baggage and how to unpack what isn’t yours. $30 Don’t miss this exploration to freedom from old archetypes and anchors that limit your possibilities. 

May 20,  9:00 am EST

 $30 email audreydelahunt@gmail.com to sign up for class. We will be recording so if you can’t participate in the class you can watch the recording at your convenience. 



 www.Selfenlightenment.com request Audrey as mentor and take a journey within, series of home study Course. The University of Self-Knowledge is the educational branch of Self Enlighten.com. The University's Study and Training Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Programs are unparalleled and unlike any other programs. Each course introduces new and innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive curriculum that assists individuals in discovering and expressing the Light Within. The spiritual journey begins with the Mystical Path and continues through Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each study course progressively guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge, Self-Enlightenment and God-Realization. This is accomplished through specific components and practices that work in synergy to lift us into higher and more illumined dimensions of mind and being. The program blends innovative esoteric, metaphysical, and sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of consciousness and light the way to God-Realization. Each step of the journey takes you into greater stages of inspiration and enlightenment. 



 This pioneering 1 hour trans channeling session opens up your energetic fields and offers whatever healing it needs most, to each Chakra system, finishing with a balancing of energy. Ending with a guidance of what your messages where, within the healing. $150 this healing can be done in person or remotely.