I once heard a saying that goes like this, “there are two important dates in your life; the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born.” Both of these dates are significant to me. I am so blessed because I know my purpose:

‘I am a messenger of Love, Oneness & Creation to raise the Consciousness of Humanity.’

I do this though my healing work and teaching. It is my humble honor to bring such pioneering work into the world.


Professional Healer

Who I am as a person is deeply connected to the work I do. I see my life as a mission to help others see themselves in their original beauty, to learn the truth about who they are so they can be set free, to assist them in opening to their own unique destiny, and to work through beliefs and behaviors that keep them trapped in old ways of being. This is work I have had to do on myself, and still continue to do.

I have a deep, abiding faith in the potential of each human being. One of life’s most gratifying experiences is in watching a client blossom through the work we accomplish together. To do this work is a gift from God I will be forever grateful for. For me, life is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. It is what I know. It is what I teach.

What lead me to become a healer and RoHun therapist was not only my deep desire to be of service on an emotional level, but to understand my own pain and suffering. Through the process, I not only gained understanding, but a way out and through that eventually gave me back my life, myself and my happiness.



I am a graduate of Delphi University with a Doctor of Metaphysics, Certified Holistic Practitioner, and Doctorate in RoHun Therapy, Doctor of Science Ph.D in Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies. I have also studied Reiki and am a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and Inner faith Minister.

I am certified in the following modalities: Spiritual Counselor and Healer, Color and Sound Healer, Member of the International Registry of Spiritual Healers, Certification as an Akasha Sensitive, Relationship Dynamics, Yhandi Practitioner, Kundalini Energization Healer, Reflective Etheric Healer, Inner Sanctuary Instructor, Bachelor of Science B.S. in Metaphysical Healing, and Master of Science M.S. in Transpersonal Psychology, Access Consciousness ® Facilitator. 


Yhandi Testimonial

 "Yhandi has cured me of extreme fatigue and joint pain. Medical doctors told me I had a type of reactive arthritis that would not go away without immune suppressing medications. I started to consider my options but my husband encouraged me to try Yhandi first. Within 48 hours of my last Yhandi session, I was completely cured. No joint pain, no swelling, no fatigue. I never imagined that my symptoms could be emotionally based. The mind/body connection is not to be underestimated! I am forever grateful for my healing. "Kathy of Rochester NY. 

RoHun Testimonial

 "I have been "being" with all that transpired yesterday in our time together...and as I was cleaning the kitchen just now Peer Gynt suite 1 op 46 morning mood came on (how specific!) and my heart swelled and I felt in my soul as that music played more layers of being reborn - I could see myself in nature, with the sun rising and nature waking and this beautiful music playing and taking in the wonder and love and joy and healing and awe...and in that was also this awareness of me...and my heart swelled and the tears welled and I heard this voice say yes, there you are! Part of all the beauty.

I know I have more growing and learning...always...but each layer of this has been so incredible, the levels of awareness of love and God and my own soul, the learning past present and future, the responsibility I have with this awareness and the hooks in myself and others, and how it feels to identify those karmic messes and release them...this move toward true freedom and true love which has always been there I was just encapsulated in ties and messages and dark energy which kept me from it. Thank you...for all of this...for your teaching, your guidance, your love and patience and clear seeing...and for this sense today that everything is new and clean and clear and crisp and so awesome. It really feels like a new beginning with my own soul and my own being.  " Sarah of Victor NY. 

Access Consciousness Testimonial

I have been feeling wonderful this past week. feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go.

In the past I have felt a bunch of built up anxiety, panic and depression. Now I'm able to do all  anything without feeling the panic. You've practically cured my PTSD. I'll probably never be able to thank you enough for giving me back my life. I've been to multiple psychologist and psychiatrists who have put me on so many different medications to help with my anxiety issues and now I don't have to worry about that anymore. Thank you. Thank you so much for giving me my life back

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Inner Awakenings 1650 Tate Road, Blairsville, GA 30512 

Bars Certified CLASS JUNE 1 9:30-5:30

Facelift Class June 2 9:30-5:30

Private Accommodations

If you plan to make the journey to my home office to do your healing work, we now offer private accommodations. Stay in the retreat of the Blue Ridge Mountains while you move through your spiritual work. As our guest you have a queen size bed suite with 1/2 bath in your room and a full bath across the hall for your private use. We honor your journey by creating a safe zen like atmosphere for you to process your journey. Go for a walk to the near by Blue Ridge Lake or enjoy the many state parks we are surrounded by.